Food for thought

Jolly Good Food has been taking a look at some of the culinary predictions to see what’s going to be big in 2017 from healthy ingredients to the more exotic or unusual.
Here’s our pick of the best...


From biscuits at Marks & Spencer to wakame on restaurant menus, seaweed is finding its way into our diets. A rich source of protein, calcium and iron, seaweeds are touted as one of the sustainable foods of the future

Raw mushrooms

The raw food trend isn’t going away any time soon, and mushrooms are a staple. They’re also appearing on high-end menus.


A fermented tea drink that is stuffed full of good gut bacteria. Apart from supposed health benefits, Kombucha teas taste surprisingly good.

Pigs’ ears

We’ll be making a pigs’ ear of things with crispy pig’s ear and pig’s ear salad on the menu.

Energy balls

Instead of refuelling with a chocolate bar, Brits are eagerly tucking into energy balls made from nuts, seeds, and dates.

British crab

Lobster signifies luxury, but many foodies prefer the delicate flesh of crab. “Crab is set to shine in 2016 and Orkney crab is among the best in the world,” says Susi Richards, Sainsbury’s head of product development.

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